Kettlebell vacation workout #4

It was foggy today in Rockland, NS, but there was a nice breeze during my workout.

My session was under 29 minutes and here is what I did with my trusted 24 kg kettlebell.

- Kettlebell single arm snatch 3 x 8 each arm

- Kettlebell swings x 100

- Kettlebell single arm thrusters 3 x 8 each arm

- Kettlebell swings x 100

I kept my breaks short so my heart rate was quite elevated during the workout.

So far this vacation I have done 950 swings.

Vacation kettlebell workout #3

Today's workout took place in Rockland, Nova Scotia on a beautiful day by the ocean.

Here is what I did:

- 10 x body weight squats
- 10 x pushups

Then three rounds of (with 24kg kettlebell):

- kettlebell swings x 10
- goblet squat x 3
- kettlebell swings x 15
- goblet squat x 4
- kettlebell swings x 25
- goblet squat x 5
- kettlebell swings x 50

Then I finished the workout with 10 x 10 pushups.

Then entire workout was done in 38 minutes.

Vacation Kettlebell Workout #2

My hamstrings have not been this sore in quite sometime. Monday's workout really woke them up.

I was going to attempt another 300 swing workout today, but I thought I would mix it up.

I am on vacation and it is important to experiment with workouts to discover new things.

Here is what I did today:

Three rounds:

- Pull ups x 5
- Push ups x 10
- Jump Squats x 10

Five rounds with 24 kg kettlebell

- Single arm snatch x 5 each arm
- Goblet squat x 10
- Swings x 30

And to finish off the workout I did 10 Turkish get-ups (alternating arms).

The entire workout took a little over 37 minutes and it was tough one.

But I felt amazing once I was done.


Junk food hangover (Vacay workout #1)

The weekend was spent driving from Ottawa to Miramichi, New Brunswick so it was a lot of eating out and road food.
I did not feel really motivated for my workout today, but I got it done and felt much better for doing it.
It lasted 33 minutes and here is what I did.
3 times:
- pullups x 5
- pushups x 10
- squats x 10
3 times:
- kettlebell swings x 10
- pullups x 1
-,kettlebell swings x 15
- pullups x 2
- kettlebell swings x 25
- pullups x 3
- kettlebell swings x 50
I completed 300 swings with a 24 kg kettlebell and it kicked my butt.
I will be in the Maritimes for two weeks so I am challenging myself to see how many swings I can complete.

Solid way to finish

Today's workout was my last barbell centric workout for at least two weeks and it ended well.

I was able to snatch squat 50kg for 12 reps so that was encouraging. I have lots of work to do on everything related to the snatch lift, but I have seen improvement over the past 6 weeks.

Next up is the kettlebell challenge which will start Monday.

Have a good one.