Vacation Kettlebell Workout #2

My hamstrings have not been this sore in quite sometime. Monday's workout really woke them up.

I was going to attempt another 300 swing workout today, but I thought I would mix it up.

I am on vacation and it is important to experiment with workouts to discover new things.

Here is what I did today:

Three rounds:

- Pull ups x 5
- Push ups x 10
- Jump Squats x 10

Five rounds with 24 kg kettlebell

- Single arm snatch x 5 each arm
- Goblet squat x 10
- Swings x 30

And to finish off the workout I did 10 Turkish get-ups (alternating arms).

The entire workout took a little over 37 minutes and it was tough one.

But I felt amazing once I was done.


Junk food hangover (Vacay workout #1)

The weekend was spent driving from Ottawa to Miramichi, New Brunswick so it was a lot of eating out and road food.
I did not feel really motivated for my workout today, but I got it done and felt much better for doing it.
It lasted 33 minutes and here is what I did.
3 times:
- pullups x 5
- pushups x 10
- squats x 10
3 times:
- kettlebell swings x 10
- pullups x 1
-,kettlebell swings x 15
- pullups x 2
- kettlebell swings x 25
- pullups x 3
- kettlebell swings x 50
I completed 300 swings with a 24 kg kettlebell and it kicked my butt.
I will be in the Maritimes for two weeks so I am challenging myself to see how many swings I can complete.

Solid way to finish

Today's workout was my last barbell centric workout for at least two weeks and it ended well.

I was able to snatch squat 50kg for 12 reps so that was encouraging. I have lots of work to do on everything related to the snatch lift, but I have seen improvement over the past 6 weeks.

Next up is the kettlebell challenge which will start Monday.

Have a good one.

Sled drags and kettlebell swings

I am all about workouts that give you the most return for your investment.

Here is a simple and quick form of conditioning that can give you a solid full-body workout in 10-15 minutes.

Step #1: Drag a weighted sled for 40 metres

Step #2: Do 25 kettlebells swings

The simplest way to approach this workout is to see how many rounds of the above two exercises you can perform in a set period of time.

Take breaks when needed, but push yourself to complete as many rounds as you can.

Adjust the weight for each exercise based on the ability of the individual doing the workout.

Have fun!

Tester day

This is my last week barbell training, as I am taking a two week break this Saturday, so I decided to test myself.

I went into the workout not feeling particularly motivated, but as with so many workouts before, I felt better as each minute of the workout went on.

I powercleaned 105kg, which is the most I have done since 2003.

I am starting to feel really good with my cleans, so I think I am going to have to install a wood platform (like in my old gym) as the rubber floor can be a little sticky for Olympic lifting.

The entire workout was done in 42 minutes.